2020 Round Up, Hello 2021

2020 may have been a bit of a right off for many, however it marked the launch of Jojoe, and for us, that makes the year pretty special! 15 weeks on with a stream of new products, the super-comfy and affordable-eco vibe is making a mark.

December introduced 3 new styles and colourways, Wine Red, Dusty Grey and Forest Green – a delectable trio of eco goodness. We also welcomed our brand new Jojoe DUO multi packs – 2 packs Double the eco underwear representing great value. This was adorned with another new colourway Mint Green - which has proven very popular.

Jojoe carries the Eco flag and we have started to partner with theme thinking  bloggers to build on our 2020 campaign and extend this into 2021. (Get in touch – lets see what we can do together BTW!)

Looking ahead, 2021 will present its own unique challenges (hopefully leaving behind some new phrases we have adopted) –  “Unprecedented” “Lockdown” “Facemask Fashion” and of course “Social Distancing”. Meanwhile the world keeps turning and consuming, turning and consuming – lets break the cycle a little eh?

It’s so important to us that we are making a minimal effect on the environment around us, which is why we are proud to say that all of our manufacturers and suppliers are SEDEX approved meaning our manufacturing process maintains ethical and environmental standards throughout the production and delivery period.

We are keen to continue to encourage people to make small changes in their lifestyles. If everyone makes small changes today, we can all have a better tomorrow. Now doesn’t that sound appealing?