Don't compromise on style or price for eco conscious buying!

Eco underwear. What does this phrase mean to you?

Well, some may say it’s a beige colour palette of knitted briefs, others saying eco underwear is basic designs with a large price tag.

However, here at Jojoe, we are redefining what ‘eco underwear’ is. We want to provide affordable, yet stylish and contemporary underwear that does not have a negative effect on our surroundings.

We believe that you should not have to compromise on style or price for conscious buying!

But more importantly, we want to remove the stigma that is, eco underwear, or underwear that is made with a conscience, is only for the vegan, recycling savvy, zero waste group of individuals. (btw, full respect and we love to see it!)

Jojoe is for everyone. When you buy underwear, price and how it looks is what ultimately finalises your purchase decision. What we want at Jojoe is just that, but with the added bonus that it is also made from recycled materials and has a keen focus on reducing the impact on the world around us.

It’s fabulous to treat yourself to new underwear, but why not buy something that also respects the environment?

We can’t change the world immediately but by making small changes – selective purchasing across a range of eco brands will lead to a better world.

Small changes today, collective differences for the future.

What are you doing about tomorrow?