Why recycled microfibre is a big YES from us!

So, we’ve been going on about how super soft, breathable and comfortable Jojoe’s microfibre fabric is but let’s get down to the nitty gritty of it. What makes recycled microfibre a better alternative to normal product materials?


To set the scene, with an increase in spending, consumers have driven manufacturing rates up and, in turn, an increase in textile waste, pollution levels and energy and water consumption.

In 2014 alone, 293 tonnes per day of textiles was sent to landfill in Hong Kong – the equivalent of 97 car sizes! (Rug Lane - https://bit.ly/3degUIc ) Shock, right?!

In short, the problem with polyester is overconsumption and wastage.

All of Jojoe’s product are made from a recycled microfibre polyester. Using this material consumes less energy than regular methods and allows for a much longer life cycle of the product, whether this is a t-shirt, tote bag, or in our case – super comfy and contemporary eco underwear like no other!


Our favourite benefits of using recycled microfibre materials:

  1. Using this super soft alternative instantly reduces our dependency on fossil fuels. (The science behind this - as standard polyester is a synthetic fibre, it is made from petroleum derived chemicals and therefore associated with fossil fuel extraction – damaging effects to the environment!)
  2. This recycled fabric reduces waste going to landfill – this in turn reduces soil contamination, air and water pollution and requires less energy.
  3. All these garments created using the recycled material can be continuously recycled – minimizing wastage without any compromise on quality or comfort.
  4. By transforming plastic into fabric, it can greatly minimise the 8 million tonnes of plastic that eventually finds itself in our marine ecosystems each year. If you don’t know much about the extreme plastic problem in our seas, we highly recommend watching ‘Seaspiracy’ on Netflix. Then you can make your own opinion on this. https://bit.ly/3mJxpz9


Its all well and good us telling you how great we believe Jojoe is, but why not look into the facts yourself? We only have one home, one planet, and there’s no planet ‘B’ btw! Jojoe is made with the planet in mind, and this starts from our breathable, supers soft, seamless and VPL free fabrics that are carefully crafted into the gorgeous and contemporary Jojoe designs we all love.