Beginning of JOJOE...

What is JOJOE? – A gorgeous 7-piece underwear collection in multiple colour ways.

What’s the vibe? – Free spirited and contemporary with an eco-conscious approach.


The ideas and beliefs are there, but what is JOJOE?

What does the brand stand for? What does it look like? Where can I purchase it? Who is this brand for? Over the past 12 months we have been working hard to bring the JOJOE concept to life, explaining the brand personality and purpose.

JOJOE is a contemporary unisex brand with an eco-bias. We launch our female underwear collection, in Black, Pale Mauve and Stone Wash Blue, before developing into a unisex brand that everyone can enjoy.

JOJOE has as strong  eco-aware approach, where we strive to meet the highest ethical and social standards, encouraging people to make little changes in their daily routines, resulting in big differences in the world around us.

We delivered our first studio shoot in August 2020, shooting for not only our own imagery, but also for LoveHoney – so no pressure! We casted three gorgeous models, Doreen, Rheo and Flo who came along to our studio for a full day of shooting.

We have a very busy calendar ahead of us and are very excited to continue our JOJOE journey, sharing our wonderful collection and eco-conscious approach to the world!