Who, Where, Why?

Jojoe is all about being eco aware with all of our partners and supply chains having the upmost ethical and environmental standings and considerations – respecting our environment and encouraging small changes is at the heart of what we do so it’s important to us that every single step of our Journey positively reflects this

Jojoe is designed by our fabulous in-house designers who have over 25 years’ experience in the lingerie industry – so we know what we are doing when it comes to lingerie and underwear!
The design team carefully craft and create unique designs, working very closely with our manufacturers and suppliers to produce not only eco-friendly underwear (because let’s face it, most of the time sustainable underwear can be a bit basic) but also contemporary and stylish designs that make you want to fill your wardrobe with eco conscious creations.
Our friends and partners in China carefully craft our Jojoe designs, physically bringing the ideas into reality– wonderfully constructing the Jojoe creations with care and detail.
Producing quality and beautiful products is important, however we do not put aside the importance of ensuring this step of the Jojoe journey also fulfils and aligns with the Jojoe values.
All our partners have all the appropriate certificates and compliances, with the environmental consideration at the heart of everything they do. We are also proud to share that all our manufacturers are SEDEX approved – meaning our production process remains ethical and environmental throughout.
We have worked so hard to develop our product so that we can offer the best eco underwear on the market – using bonded seams and printed care labels so we do not sacrifice on comfort and continue to drive our intention of minimal wastage on our ongoing journey – best of both worlds don’t you agree?
So many products go to landfill each year, ending the garments life at disposal. We do not want to ever to see Jojoe in landfill which is why all of our products are made from a recycled microfibre material which are also recyclable!
Our aim is to produced quality, contemporary underwear with minimal effect on our environment around us.
Aside from our market leading products, its vital that the delivery also mirrors our values and positively reflects our intentions. We ensure that any and all packaging is made from recycled materials – including the pouches that all of JOJOE arrives in.
Jojoe’s physical journey to your underwear drawer is also considered and arrives to you in the most environmentally friendly way. We only work with couriers who also focus on their commitment to the environment, who, like us, are looking to produce minimal impacts on the environment and are constantly looking for sustainable solutions to their procedures.
Once your order has safely arrived to you environmentally respectful customers, we hope you enjoy and love your products that they become your new go to underwear – P.s. we love seeing you in Jojoe so make sure you tag us x 
At Jojoe we go out of our way to ensure that everything either has a second life opportunity or can be recycled – how about both? The small pouches that all of our products arrive at your homes in is recycled, recyclable and reusable – the perfect trio of R’s and a great addition to every girl’s handbag, homing everything from lippies to lose change – let us know how you use yours btw!
We aim to create products that last- reducing the number of garments that go to landfill from fast fashion. If everyone can just make a small change today, together we can make collective differences for a better tomorrow. Respect the earth around us, buy eco.
What are you doing about tomorrow?